Eyebrow Services

Welcome to our haven of eyebrow elegance, where every arch is sculpted, every hue is perfected, and your beauty takes center stage. At [Your Salon/Studio Name], we offer a range of eyebrow services that go beyond mere grooming, providing you with an exquisite journey to brows that frame and define your face flawlessly.


Brow shaping – $15

Your choice between Threading or Waxing! Our esthetician will precisely clean up stray hairs and refine the shape of your brows to perfection.


Eyebrow Tinting – $20

Eyebrow tinting is a luxurious beauty treatment that artfully enhances and colors the brows to achieve a refined, effortlessly polished look.


Shape with Tint – $30

Achieve perfectly defined and beautifully colored eyebrows to enhance your overall facial appearance.


Lamination/Shape/Tint – $85

Indulge in the ultimate brow transformation experience, combining meticulous brow shaping, rich brow tinting, and the flawless, uplifted look of brow lamination to unveil elegantly defined brows.

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