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Facial Spa Services

Trying to find a way to pamper yourself and give yourself a break? Spa treatments for your face are a wonderful way to unwind, revive, and rejuvenate your skin. We offer a variety of facial spa services. Facial spa services are the perfect way to indulge in some much-deserved me time, whether you need a quick pick-me-up or a full spa day.

There’s no doubt that facial treatments are a great way to improve your skin tone and texture. However, not all facial treatments are created equal. At Refine Face & Body Spa, we offer a variety of different types of facials that are tailored to your individual needs. Selecting the right service for you can receive numerous benefits, including improved skin tone and texture, increased circulation, and reduced inflammation.

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Skin is thoroughly cleaned and hydrated during a facial. We cleanse your pores, exfoliate your skin, and treat the most common skin issues.

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Chemical Peels

Our chemical peel treatments aid in the repair of sun-damaged skin and restore a healthy, radiant glow. One of the best ways to reverse aging.

Eye Lashes Services

Eye Lashes & Eye Brows

Get fuller eyelashes and eyebrows, and never look tired again.  In many cases, you can skip doing your makeup and still look put together.



Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive method of improving the look and feel of one’s skin. It can help to restore the appearance of the skin from damage.

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Collagen production in the skin is stimulated and remodeled through microneedling. A great choice to combat the signs of aging.

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Easily remove unwanted hair in various places with professional waxing. We make it simple and affordable.

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Dermaplaning is a non-surgical method of improving the appearance of your skin. Your technician will gently remove the outermost layer of skin.

Lip injection



Improve the overall look of your skin with Botox® and other injectables to improve the overall look and feel of your skin.

Lose Weight & Inches with Our

Body Spa Services

Are you looking for a way to lose weight and inches without having to stick to a strict diet and extreme exercise programs? If so, then you’re in luck! Thanks to the increasing popularity of body contouring treatments, now there are numerous non-invasive ways to slim down and look good in the process. Look no further than Refine Face & Body Spa! Our experienced staff can provide you with a variety of body contouring services that will decrease fat cells and rejuvenate your skin and body.

When you visit Refine Face & Body Spa, you can expect to enjoy a range of services tailored to your needs and goals. Our team of professionals uses the latest treatments and technologies to help you look and feel your best with non-invasive procedures. Don’t wait any longer – take the first step towards feeling great by booking an appointment at Refine Face & Body Spa today!

Body Contouring and Sculpting

Body Contouring

Don’t like the contour of your body? Body contouring is a unique, non-invasive way to improve it with no downtime.

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Cryoliolysis is a cold temperature fat reduction process that is a non-invasive to reduce stubborn fat.

Cellulite services


Minimally invasive treatments are an option for those who prefer to avoid surgery in order to reduce subcutaneous fat.

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Cosmetic cavitation can dissolve stubborn fat deposits in a very effective and efficient way without surgery, furthermore there is no downtime.

Red LED laser lipo

Red LED Laser Lipo

A less traumatic and invasive alternative to traditional lipo, laser liposuction (or “laser lipo”) is a fat-reduction technique.

Endosphere therapy of female body by cosmetologist in beauty salon

Endosphere Therapy

Endospheres Therapy enhances lymphatic drainage, boosts blood flow, and aids in connective tissue reorganization.

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